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Fee Dickson


I am an artist based in East Lothian, Scotland, painting sea and landscapes that are about light and atmosphere. My work seeks to capture the ‘still point in a turning world’, the fleeting moments of beauty revealed when the sun moves from behind a cloud or the light catches a wave. Within my paintings I want to create a place where the viewers mind can drift, and daydream, finding a place and time of calm and stillness.

One of my preoccupations is with twilight, with painting a time that is neither night nor day and thus has a quality of strangeness to it; another is with man-made objects juxtaposed in otherwise wild landscapes; benches, harbour walls, old sheds. But my main interest is always light, how the same view can be infinitely different depending on the quality of the light. I work primarily in oils, but also love using watercolour, charcoal, and ink.

Born in 1972 in Dunbar, I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1999 with a Master of Architecture, my architectural training having given me a good grounding in drawing, composition and design. I left architecture in 2008 and have been painting professionally and exhibiting since 2010. I live and work in North Berwick.


Selected Exhibitions:


July 2016- present Archerfield Walled Garden (Feature artist, ongoing)

September 2018, 2017 Tring park School art show

Aug 2018, 2017, 2016 Macmillan Art show (mixed)

Aug 2018 'Re-Collect' Open Studios with NBAC

November 2017 Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts Open Exhibition

Aug 2016 ‘Ya Bass’ Fidra Fine Art ( mixed)

Aug 2016 ‘Small Wonders’ Turnstone studios (group)

Apr 2016 ‘Ebb and Flow’ Hangar Art and Framing (solo)

Oct 2015 ‘4 Artists @The Den’ (group)

Aug 2015 Macmillan Art Show 2015 (mixed)

July 2015 Summer show, Peter Potter Gallery (mixed)

April 2015 Spring show, Greens and Blues (mixed)

Jan 2015 January Mixed Show, Fidra Fine Art (mixed)

Nov 2011 Memories and Dreams, Gallery on the corner (group)

Aug 2011 The Broughton series, barony Bar (solo)


fee dickson studio 2